Curious about the stories behind creation? Let's delve into an intriguing journey of creativity and uncover the origins of CoolMax's inaugural product - the Impact6000.


At the outset, we embarked on designing a disposable e-cigarette that exudes an unparalleled icy sensation. Join us as we dive into the selection of flavors - a pivotal starting point. To cater to diverse preferences, we chose flavors that are both beloved and relatively rare in the market: Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) and Spirit Ice. The amalgamation of these flavors is truly distinctive. Tie Guan Yin brings a delicate tea aroma with a lingering and robust aftertaste, while Spirit Ice delivers an intense minty coolness that provides a refreshing and impactful experience. And of course, how could we overlook the crowd-favorite fruit flavors? We carefully selected moderately fruity options like watermelon, lemon, grape, and peach. These flavors, combined with a cool minty base, harmoniously crafted the essence of the Impact6000 series.


When it came to naming the product, decisions were pondered. Eventually, we settled on a nomenclature infused with mechanical elements - "Impact". Symbolizing the impact of icy mint, this name evokes the coolness that sets our product apart. The suffix "6000" signifies its disposable nature. Although the name might be unconventional, it perfectly encapsulates the product's boldness and impact. During the naming process, we also affectionately bestowed the name "Meteor" upon the Impact6000. This name emerged as we designed the exterior with textured patterns, vibrant colors, and the reflective qualities of metal - resembling a metallic meteor plummeting from the sky, demanding attention.


Whether referred to as Impact6000 or "Meteor", it doesn't change the fundamental essence of this product as an ice-cold explosion. Its impact is undeniable. Whether you're savoring the unique fusion of Tie Guan Yin and Spirit Ice or enjoying the harmonious blend of fruitiness and frostiness, this series will become an indelible memory. From conception to naming, the CoolMax creative team poured limitless creativity and effort into the Impact6000, aiming to deliver an unprecedented Vape experience for everyone. Rest assured, this "Meteor" is bound to leave a remarkable imprint on the Vape market.